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in with him in just a moment. >> we do begin with o.j. simpson's battle for a new trial. simpson's former attorney took the stand yesterday offering stunning testimony while responding to accusations from simpson that he did a terrible job defending the former football star. abc's brandi hitt is in las vegas with this story turning into quite a scandal, brandi. >> reporter: oh, definitely, bianna, good morning, o.j. simpson is now heading back into the prison system as he waits for the judge's decision. his hearing here came to a dramatic end. it was high drama in court pitting o.j. simpson against his former lead attorney yale galanter. >> mr. simpson never told me that he was going to go into the palace station with a bunch of thugs. >> reporter: simpson claims the night before 2007 botched robbery galanter advised him he had a legal right to confront two men selling sports memorabilia simpson claims was stolen. >> i followed what i thought the law. >> nobody wanted to win the case more than i wanted to win it. >> reporter: the former football great maintains he never knew his entourage
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1